Costa Rica Destination Wedding Guide

Destination weddings in Costa Rica offer benefits that traditional weddings cannot. This beautiful country provides an incredible backdrop for your wedding, which you simply can’t recreate in a traditional venue.

Why Choose a Costa Rica Wedding Destination?

Costa Rica wedding destinations offer unique benefits that traditional weddings simply cannot match. This stunning country provides an incredible backdrop for your wedding, one that can’t be recreated in a conventional venue. With its diverse landscapes, warm climate, and welcoming people, Costa Rica remains a top choice for destination weddings, promising beautiful photographs and a memorable experience for you and your guests.

Visit Costa Rica for more travel information and inspiration.

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The Planning Journey: A Year in Advance

Planning a destination wedding in a place as breathtaking as Costa Rica does require effort upfront, ideally starting about a year before the special date. While this may sound tedious, spreading tasks over 12 months makes the process manageable and enjoyable.

To assist you, we’ve created a destination wedding checklist to keep things running smoothly.

Costa Rica Wedding Destination - The Castle of Oz 2

One Year Before the Wedding

  1. Determine Your Budget
    • Establish a realistic budget by assessing your finances and any contributions from family. Commit to staying within this budget to create your dream wedding without financial strain.
  2. Research Venues
    • Start researching venues that match your desired wedding essence. Narrow down your top three choices, then contact these venues for detailed information and past wedding photos.
    Wedding Wire: Destination Wedding offers great tips for planning your destination wedding.
  3. Decide the Wedding Essence
    • Clarify the vibe, theme, and spirit of your wedding. This helps streamline other decisions, ensuring a cohesive and personalized celebration.
  4. Create Your Guest List
    • Use your budget to determine the number of guests you can invite. Remember, food and drink are significant expenses, so plan accordingly.
  5. Make an Inspiration Board
    • Gather images of weddings, flowers, colors, food, rings, dresses, and destinations that excite you. This visual reminder keeps you motivated throughout the planning process.

Six Months Before the Wedding

Costa Rica Wedding Destination - The Castle of Oz 2
  1. Look Into Travel Requirements
    • Check if visas or vaccinations are needed for entry into Costa Rica, and ensure your passport is up-to-date.

    Costa Rica Entry Wedding Requirements provides updated information on travel requirements.
  2. Reserve Accommodations for Guests
    • Book rooms or vacation homes for your guests. For example, Beach House sleeps 14 guests for $1075 per night, and Hilltop House sleeps 12 for $395 per night.
    TripAdvisor: Best Costa Rica Wedding Venues offers reviews and suggestions for wedding venues.
  3. Book Airline Tickets
    • Secure flights about six months in advance for the best deals. Share your research with guests to help them with their travel plans.
  4. Make a Travel Checklist for Guests
    • Simplify your guests’ travel planning by providing a thorough checklist, including travel options and requirements.
  5. Plan Your Honeymoon
    • Decide if you want a weddingmoon (honeymoon at the wedding location) to save money or if you prefer to travel to a new destination post-wedding.

Three Months Before the Wedding

  1. Schedule a Call with Your Wedding Planner
    • Discuss details like flowers, food, drinks, seating plans, and entertainment. Prepare a list of topics and questions to ensure nothing is overlooked.
  2. Hire a Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist
    • Get recommendations from your wedding planner and book these services early.
  3. Double-Check Travel Plans for Guests
    • Ensure all guests have confirmed their travel arrangements by requesting their flight and accommodation details.

Three Weeks Before the Wedding

Costa Rica Wedding Destination - The Castle of Oz 2
  1. Chat with Your Event Planner
    • Finalize any last-minute details, confirm the wet weather plan, review the wedding day timeline, and ensure vendor arrangements are set.
  2. Coordinate with Your Photographer and Videographer
    • Discuss shot lists and timing needs to ensure you get the exact footage you want from your wedding.
  3. Create a Packing List
    • Prepare a packing list for the wedding and honeymoon to avoid forgetting essentials.
  4. Confirm Flights and Accommodations
    • Double-check that all your travel arrangements are confirmed and correct.
  5. Send a “Details Email” to Guests
    • Include the itinerary for wedding events and excursions. This is also a good time to discuss speeches with parents and the bridal party.

Why Costa Rica as Your Wedding Destination?

Costa Rica’s location along the Pacific Coast, below the hurricane belt, provides a safe and beautiful setting for your wedding. The country experiences different seasons, each offering unique benefits:

  • Dry Season (December to April): Little chance of rain, ideal for outdoor ceremonies.
  • Transition Season (May to August): Mostly sunny with occasional showers, offering lush landscapes.
  • Rainy Season (September to October): Warm mornings with afternoon showers, perfect for a tropical vibe.
Costa Rica Wedding Destination - The Castle of Oz 2

Costa Rica’s diverse landscape, featuring beaches, volcanoes, rainforests, and mountains, along with its warm climate and friendly locals, makes it an ideal destination for weddings.

Booking Your Costa Rica Wedding Destination at The Castle of Oz

The Castle of Oz, with its panoramic views of the Pacific Central Coast and rainforest, blends perfectly with the tropical landscape. When you’re ready to plan your dream destination wedding in Costa Rica, look no further than The Castle of Oz.

For more tips and ideas or to book your special event, contact us or send us an email today.

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